Announcing the release of NEW AUTHOR Dennis Preshaw's book "Heart of Compassion". Follow Dennis Preshaw’s life journey as he enters the Army as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, becoming a medic, and, ultimately...Read more


Welcome to Kingdom Keys Books, the online book store for Eagle's Wings Publishing Book Services Division.


Kingdom Keys Books was created to provide an online book store to market the books published by Eagle's Wings Publishing. Here you will find books for sale that we hope will appeal to everyone. These books will range from Christian themed fiction to Bible based teaching. These books are available directly through this site at the Direct Book Purchase link


Books published by E.W. Publishing:

The Key of Forgiveness by Glenn Smith Jr, a Blble based teaching.

This is the first book in the "Kingdom Keys" series. Contained within these books will be tools needed to open up to the reader a more powerful Christian walk.

Within these books even non-Christians will be able to find solid principles upon which to build a more effective life in general.


Take it or Leave it by Crystle M. Carrick is the first book of the Unwritten series. Ashlie Thompson is your average 15 year old girl
who heads off to camp with a suitcase full of clothes and a heart full of expectations. However, from the moment she arrives, everything seems to spin off in the opposite direction... read more


The Uri Chronicles Series by Cheryl Castro:

Mark of the Tattoo introduces you to Uri, a young boy who discovers a dramtic secret that affects the lives of people in two lands. Follow Uri as he grows in the knowledge of a new found faith and family... read more

The Dengu Odyssey (available November 2010) is the continuation of the story of Uri. It chronicles a continuing path of adventure and revelation as he encounters forces of good and evil... read more


The Heart of Compassion by Dennis Preshaw is his life's story as he enters the Army being a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, becomes a medic, and, ultimately, a Registered Nurse. Come along with Dennis as he shares his life and introduces you the nursing world in a way rarely seen, from the inside... read more


History from your American Roots by Mary Smith is a history unit study that teaches students how to track their family lineage and place it throughout events in American history... read more



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